A compulsory topic which is  part of the Unit 1 AS Course. River processes and characteristics. River flooding and flood management strategies.

An optional Physical topic for Unit 1. Glaciers, glacial erosion and landforms, fluvioglacial and periglacial landforms and processes, the future of Antarctica.

This is a compulsory 'core' topic of Unit 1 at AS level. Population change, population structure and management.

This is an optional Human Geography topic, part of Unit 1. Types of energy. Patterns of supply and demand for energy within the world. Environmental impacts of different energy systems. Appropriate technology and energy conservation.

It is envisaged that a range of geographical skills will be taught in an integrated way by both the human and physical geography teachers. In the exam question 1 will come from either the compulsory human or from the compulsory physical topic from Unit 1; the second question will address issues about the candidates own fieldwork (on rivers).

Unit 1 AS Exam Questions and Mark Schemes and some revision help