Section A: Socio-Cultural Options

· Historical Studies (Option A1)

· Popular recreation in pre-industrial Britain

· Rational recreation in post-industrial Britain

· 19th-century public schools and their impact on the development of physical activities and young people

· The developmental stages of athleticism in 19th-century public schools

· Case Studies

· Drill, physical training and Physical Education in state schools

Comparative Studies (Option A2)

· The United Kingdom (UK)

· The United States of America (USA)

· Australia

Section B: Scientific Options

· Sports Psychology (Option B1)

· Individual aspects of performance

· Group dynamics of performance and audience effects

· Mental preparation for physical activity

Biomechanics (Option B2)

· Linear motion in physical activity

· Force physical activity

· Fluid mechanics physical activity

· Stability and angular motion physical activity

·  A critical evaluation of performance in selected physical activities

Exercise and Sport Physiology (Option B3)

· Energy

· Health components of physical fitness

· Application of the principles of training

· Performance enhancement

Practical Skills

· Performance

· Evaluation, appreciation and the improvement of performance