This topic is all about The Norman Conquest. It covers: the nature of Anglo-Saxon England; the rival claims to the throne of England in 1066; the events of 1066, including the Battle of Hastings; how Norman rule was established and consolidated in the years following the Battle of Hastings.

This topic is all about Medieval Life in villages (where the vast majority of people lived); in towns; in seeking justice; during The Black Death and under the influence of The Church.

This topic is all about Castle Development.

This topic is all about Struggles for Power.

This topic is all about Islam and Crusades OR Amerindians and Europeans in North America.

This topic looks at the medieval crusades; their causes and consequences, including possible effects on attitudes between 'The West' and the Middle EastĀ  and Islamic World today.
Medieval MonastariesĀ  and the Monastic Way of Life
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